*As I write this on my final evening of the detox, I feel blissful. A stark contrast to the perpetually tired and overworked person who arrived 7 days ago.

I have learnt to stop and listen to my body and my intuition in this beautifully calm, safe environment.

I feel proud of myself for realising it was time to change, and I am forever grateful to Dianne for helping me achieve this.



South Devon Detox Retreat

Release, Relax & Recharge

Guests discover hidden layers of themselves that they did not know were there. They unravel and come to terms with aspects from their past that they had no idea were depleting them on ALL levels. To be witness to this is not only inspiring but also humbling.

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A Detox Retreat Tailored to You

We believe that to be fully alive, present and empowered we have to connect to the still place within ourselves, the stillpoint.

Every person that has come has inspired us and we continue to be inspired by the completeness of this process. Everyone has had a journey that transformed who he or she was.

A flexible detox programme, based on Richard Anderson's colon cleanse, offering a holistic healing and supported body cleanse retreat. Using fasting, colonics, bodywork and psycho-emotional work; promoting weight loss, creating renewed vitality, rejuvenation and transforming self.