*If you are looking for a detox without pretense, look no further.

Dianne and Ian not only have a beautiful, welcoming home in the beautiful town of Totnes (some great shopping by the way), but they have the hearts, skill, and superior knowledge to ensure that your experience meets whatever your needs might be.

This has been the greatest, most important thing I have ever done in my life and, if you are ready to truly start living, I implore you to hesitate no longer. Dianne and Ian will hold you through this process with tremendous support whether you are a first timer or a seasoned detoxer. I assure you, all you will be thinking by the end is, “ How soon can I get back?”!

Jocelyn Ashton,
Co. Director,
Building Blocks Childcare ltd

A flexible detox programme, based on Richard Anderson's colon cleanse, offering a holistic healing and supported body cleanse retreat. Using fasting, colonics, bodywork and psycho-emotional work; promoting weight loss, creating renewed vitality, rejuvenation and transforming self.