*I always enjoy my times at Stillpoint Detox Retreat. Set in a beautiful house within walking distance of Totnes. Stillpoint is the perfect place to unwind and give your body and mind a complete overhaul. Having just completed my fifth stay here I am already looking forward to my next visit. Dianne’s kindness and encouragement also her skillful bodyworks all add up to the complete detox package.

I came to Stillpoint having struggled with severe M.E. And heavy metal poisoning for many years. My firs visit I felt very nervous about doing a fast and stepping into unknown territories. After the first day I felt completely at home and safe and knew I had made the right decision. The detox works on every level. *I have made huge improvements since that visit. I am now on my 5th detox and am already looking forward to my next. I personally believe doing a detox at this level is a must in the present environment and have seen first hand on my many visits amazing results. Dianne’s kindness and encouragement also her skillful bodyworks make this a very special place to come and truly turn your life around for the better.

As a first time ‘would be’ detoxer, who was unsure/ unfamiliar with the detox process and supposed benefits, I researched various programmes from Thailand to the United States. My selection criteria for choosing a detox programme was 1) getting individualised attention and 2) value. Luckily, I came upon Dianne’s website and having read through her approach and offerings, I selected to come to Stillpont Detox Retreat. I am very happy to say that I believe I made the right choice.

From being picked up at the train station upon arrival to providing encouragement through the last days of the detox, Dianne was there for me whenever I needed, but not intrusively. Being my first time, I don’t think I would have lasted without her attention and general, looking out for me.

The value addition came in, organically, naturally, when Dianne and I just sat and talked, sharing some of our background. What started as a casual conversation turned into moments where I ended up in meaningful examination of myself and realisation of how I am keeping myself from all that I can be – today. Dianne’s knowledge, experience and expertise in Buddhist based psychotherapy and her approach to life just flows – meaning –it is part of who she is and as such, her feedback/ insights never sound contrived, or prescriptive. Rather, everything she say comes from a place of care and sincerity.

Now I am a believer of detoxing of the body (and mind). Physically, *I feel much better and less heavy (as well as from stress). This week has introduced me to the idea of raw foods and made me determined to eat more raw and have transitions into vegetarianism.

Needless to say, I intent on doing at least a yearly weeklong detox and definitely plan on returning.

My stay with Dianne in her beautiful home, Beaumont, felt like a home away from home. I really needed to ‘stop’ and that was the exact place to have done it.

Anon, Washington DC


South Devon Detox Retreat

Release, Relax & Recharge

Guests discover hidden layers of themselves that they did not know were there. They unravel and come to terms with aspects from their past that they had no idea were depleting them on ALL levels. To be witness to this is not only inspiring but also humbling.

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A Detox Retreat Tailored to You

We believe that to be fully alive, present and empowered we have to connect to the still place within ourselves, the stillpoint.

Every person that has come has inspired us and we continue to be inspired by the completeness of this process. Everyone has had a journey that transformed who he or she was.

A flexible detox programme, based on Richard Anderson's colon cleanse, offering a holistic healing and supported body cleanse retreat. Using fasting, colonics, bodywork and psycho-emotional work; promoting weight loss, creating renewed vitality, rejuvenation and transforming self.